Skate Park Promotions

Posted: Wednesday 20th April 2016

Music Serviced to over 50 of the UK’s biggest and most influential skate parks and skate stores, specially selected to ensure maximum regional exposure.

Targeted plays at peak times reinforces our other promotions such as competitions and poster advertising – holistic approach to skate promotion.

rampworx 2

Promo Material Distributed: Promo material such as stickers distributed at our partner skate parks. Stickers given directly to skaters and will increase exposure and longevity of campaign as they end up everywhere!


Promotional competitions run across web and social media sites of partner skate parks. Creates online profile at each park and allows for easy links to merchant sites such as Amazon and iTunes.

Catfish - Revolution facebook copy

Working with Freestyle Skate Park constructors we can ensure even wider exposure with promotional material distributed at their focus group events which take place at around 40 different regional skate parks every month – provides key access to council run and outdoor skate parks.

Catfish - Adrenaline Alley copy


Access to the trend-setting world of skate and extreme sports and the lucrative brand association with this influential market.

Fortnightly update reports giving feedback from skate parks and information on campaign progress

A unique, creative promotional campaign, with far-reaching impact.