Sport Stadia Live Performances

Posted: Thursday 16th June 2016

Sports Stadiums are increasingly turning their attention to live performances on the pitch and within bar areas of their arenas. From Wembley to Elland Rd, we can put your artist forward for live opportunities across Football, Rugby, Darts, Horse Racing and more. For example, check Embrace playing live ahead of 2015 Community Shield Man City v Arsenal:

For the right act, live performances at sporting events can drive increased awareness through the opportunity to play in front of huge crowds, plus the potential to gain national TV and press exposure at the same time. At Shoot, we know when your act is right to take on this kind of opportunity and we know how to take full advantage. Shoot will ensure that your artist sounds great, looks great and receives a great promotion from such performances. See James play live at Old Trafford & Skysports:

We also have some fun with random performances, such as Goldie Lookin Chain taking over the Millennium Stadium ahead Wales v England!